Coatings/Polisher/Water repellent/Rust Corrosion Protection Clear Coating Easily used by Spraying Brushing or Dipping

Specializing in Jewellery Coating in Thailand for Anti Tarnish for Silver Copper Jewellery and Colored E-Coating available in various color

From Jewelry to Stainless Steel we have Coatings for all as A Total Metal Surface Treatment Company

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Jewelry Fair Coating Plating Chemical Coatings


Neonano OS-100C

OS100C 1x

A water based Coating For Copper Surface Mostly used in Pink Gold Jewelry Coating and Copper antiques against oxidation and tarnish.

Anti Tarnish Copper ___

Neonano OS-50W


A water based Coating for Silver & its alloys with a Nano thin durable film which inhibits the surface from further oxidation and tarnish,

Anti Tarnish Silver___

Stayklean XS-10


A water based multipurpose coating liquid to give clear coating over Steel and other surfaces from getting stain and corrosion

Anti Rust___

Neonano HPB-47

A Nano level clear coat to prevent tarnish and water stains along with bacterias mostly used in shoes, leather bags and even Solar Panel to reduce cleaning

Water Moisture Repellent Coating___

Stayklean XS-05


Prevents tarnish and acts as Anti-Fingerprint over metals surface Mostly used in clean and shiny surface but at a place where people often touch like Stairs handle/ Steel gates etc.

Anti Fingerprint___

Water Guard Spray

A Nano level Spray to Protect you Shoes, leather Bag or other Surfaces against bring Harm by Water/Moisture

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Peelable Clear Coating

A Protection Coating that can be Peeled off after used. The Coating will dry after about 15 minutes mostly used in Surface that isn’t smooth


New!! Meet Our All new E-Coating (Electrophoretic Painting Process (E-Coat))  Ranges with E-Lacquer with several Colors available eg. Brass Rose Gold Copper etc.

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A heavy Degreaser that can remove carbon soot, tar, heavy grease, and oil remover. It is non flammable liquid, that can be used in cleaning engines/parts.

Heavy Oil and Grease Remover___



An effective Degreaser to remove oil, grease, dirt, mild rust, tarnish as well as Buffing compound from various metals surfaces; Stainless steel, mild steel, copper etc.

Oil and Grease Remover___


A Polymer based Organic Cleaner Tarnish remover for Copper Brass and its alloys. A powder which can be dissolved with water to remove light oxides without attack on the base

Copper Polisher___


Passivactive (SP#50)

sp50It is used for SS/steel/ferrous metals surface to remove and clean heavy rust, scales, tarnish and oxides stains along with Inhibitor to protect the surface from immediate Rusting

Rust Cleaner Remover___


Metal Polisher Stainless steel Silver Brass Polish Rust Remover

An cream type Polymer based Organic Cleaner Tarnish, scale remover and surface conditioner polishing compound for metals. Remove Oxides,Tarnishes etc.


As a Jewelry and Metal Coating Specialist in Thailand

We also Develop Customised Coatings solution to suit the Customer’s requirement. Call us to find out more

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