Water and Moisture in Surface

Water and Humidity (Moisture) are the main reasons for the surface to deteriorate leading to stain, dirt deposition or oxidized corrosion which take away the lust and shine from any surfaces.

Preventing the unwanted appearance of surface can be done by our NeoNano water repellent protective coating which after properly cleaning up and shining the surface. The coating will extend the shineness for long lasting period. The water bead form on the surface will roll out easily, taking away dirts and stain, Because if the water were left to dry over the surface, only pure water will evaporate out leaving behind the dirt and salts to stain over the surface.

Stainless Steel too can get Stains & Rusted

Naturally Stainless steel /steel surface has certain alloys such as Nickel, chromium in metal itself that assist the metal to remain stainless, but after mechanically processing the metal, be it cutting. welding, etc. the passivated alloys structure in the metal being distorted causing stain and tarnish and even heavy oxides can occur in the processing spot and expand to the surrounding areas. The  passive  layer  once  damaged may formed again but at a time, Mechanical formation or heat processing of the parts with  welding or cutting  processing  will  damage  the  passive layer  and generate  tarnish  and  discoloration as well as rusting corrosion.

Our cleaner and conditioner will help restore this.

Our  advance  coating  and  passivation  will retain the surface from further tarnished even in  moisture  and  acidic atmosphere  by  coating  over  with  our  nano  level  coat.

This is value added coating without any change in surface upon sensational as well as visual appearance of the surface.

In comparison with current state of art cleaning coating Passivation with usual Acidic Pickling method

– Improved surface finishing vs over etching surface that deteriorates surface finishing

– Safe environment vs acidic fuming health hazard environment

– Uniform clean and passivate surface vs scattered patchy discolored non uniform surface.

– Non etching remove only controlled top layer vs metal removal over controllable level

– Corrosion resist passivated smooth surface vs corrosion deteriorated surface

– Easy inspect crack pinhole vs un-noticeable surface difficult to QC