Peelable Clear Coating

Peelable Coating

Peelable Coating, Liquid Masking, Strippable PVC Coating all are a few names for this Coating. Available in Clear and Blue Colored For the Protection of Glass Stainless Steel Aluminium Etc. During Construction to Avoid Damage by Splutter, Fingerprint, Paint Etc. Once the Work is Complete can Easily Peel off by Hand can be Easily Applied by Painter Roller or using a Spray Gun to Cover all the area of the Item you wish to protect.

  • Easily Usable
  • can be used on an uneven surface
  • Prevention rather than cure
  • Can be used both for Indoor and Outdoor Application
  • Water-Based Formula, Non-Toxic, Environmentally Friendly
  • Can be peeled off by hand once Done

Can be used As a Temporary Anti Rust Anti Fingerprint During Storage/Handling/Transportation to the Customer

With a Film Wrapped, The Customer will receive the Product as good as New every time

Available Packaging: 10 Kg /18 Kg /200 Kg

New Pure White Color for Spray booth Coating

Export rates Available