E-Coating is the process of coating clear lacquer or colored with the help of electric voltage so that the coating can attached to the surface of the coated part. The Main Purpose of Using Electric Voltage to do that is so that the Coating can evenly be attached to the Surface with equal thickness (Electro deposition’s Strength lies in its Uniform Thickness)

E Coat It is widely used as an Anti Tarnish for Copper,Brass, Silver(Jewelry) and also in many Automotive Parts, tap-ware,Door Knobs,Locks etc.

E-Coating in Thailand is widely used as it is a hub for HDD,Automotive and Jewellery Industry although the purpose of using it is different for each Industry.

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E Coat Often used in

E-Coating E Coat lacquer Jewellery

Anti Tarnish Silver Anti Tarnish Copper Bronze Pink Gold Jewellery

Clear Coating E Lacquer Electro Coating EDP

e-coating of Trophy Bronze Gold Silver Pink Color Colour

Plus! Read About an Articles Comparing each type of coating like E Coating, Lacquer,Nano Coating as a Neutral Comparing several factor like Cost, Benefit, Usage etc. (The Article is in Thai) in the Thai version of the Page(Second link)

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